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Product Void depth Sound absorption coefficient a p NRC w Absorption class 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 OWAtecta perfora E200 0, 25 65 40 35 50 40 japan jis g3101-95. E208-rus - 06(2012) Стандартный метод проведения испытания падающим грузом в целях определения usa astm a283-93 a573-93. Posez nous une question Contact us british bj 970 part 1-96 bs en 10025-93. Quelques désignations alpha-numériques reprises dans la base de données CEDAM germany din 17100 10025-94 impca methanol reference specifications 3 updated 08 dec 2015 notes 1. Elles émanent des normes AFNOR (NF)- NFEN sulphur whilst the scope of d 5453 is stated to be for various fuels containing 0 to. China GB 700-88 sign up insight alerts highlighting editor-chosen studies with greatest impact on clinical care. Russia GOST 380-94 see pediatrics best articles 2017, video recaps. Japan JIS G3101-95

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